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Welcome to clean start, an eating system developed to detox and jump start weight loss.

Clean start was designed to help your body adjusts to clean eating. The elimination of processed meats and sugars create the perfect opportunity for your body to see you as if it were taking a shower on the inside and optimizing your system's ability to digest and burn fat. This eating system is particularly effective for clients with unique dietary requirements such as high cholesterol diabetes and gluten sensitivity. The 3 day cycle that repeats itself with a one day of "pure integrity" gives you an opportunity to learn how to eat in any environment.


Monthly packages include: 

Eating system / Eating and weekly coaching system / Eating coaching and personal training 



Eating system - $49.99 per month

Eating and weekly coaching - $150 per month

Eating coaching and personal training - $289 per month


The first month of your Clean Start system is called “Quick Start.”

“Quick Start” days are designed to change your taste buds and excite your metabolism so that you are prepared to burn fat and lose weight.  “Quick Start” is intended to identify hunger and to control how much and what you eat regardless of what is happening around you. The goal is to satiate hunger and move on. The challenge most people have in changing their eating habits is that the brain will resort back to old habits if you don’t have a system in place that helps you change your behavior...

Not to worry, the weekly coaching sessions if chosen will help you get stronger and combat carb cravings.


> Follow Days 1-3

> Repeat

> Day 7 is your Integrity Day!

The integrity day will have restrictions but is designed to test and reinforce your ability to have self-control and not sabotage your full week of weight loss. You will have 3 free days on this plan before going into less restrictive eating.


Note: Day 3 may be a challenge but be encouraged, after the first month, you will graduate to a more flexible plan. We just want you to have results quickly…to get you pumped!!!

This is your chance to get it right ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Success Rules

1.  Do not drink juice or alcohol

2.  Drink water, herbal tea or coffee with skim milk

3.  Eat any and all green vegetable, tomatoes, all kinds of lettuce

4.  Eat Fish, chicken, or Turkey (4-6 ozs. Per  serving-about the size of your palm)

5.  Drink lots of water (half your body weight in ounces)

6.  Repeat days 1-3 and on the seventh day-reward yourself with #7

7.  Integrity Day!

    Eat what you want, just eat half of what you want and stop! Remember, the goal is to satiate hunger-not to binge.


Healthy Eating For Life

As promised, your eating plan for weeks 5 and 6 are opened up to give you more flexibility and a successful eating system for life.  Clean Start Weight Loss System Food Guide is designed to help you lose weight at the healthy and steady rate of one to two pounds a week. You’ll learn how to select foods that will support weight loss, but still allow  

a wide variety of food choices, so you feel satisfied and full. This is not a deprivation diet. It is a sensible eating plan

to help you control your weight, and it is an eating plan that can be sustained indefinitely.

Success foods

Vegetables: You should have vegetables at every meal. In fact, you should build each meal around your selection of vegetables. You can eat as much and as many vegetables as you want at each meal, but you must eat a minimum of ½ cup. You have to fuel your engine, so be sure to eat this amount at the very least! 

Proteins: You should have protein with every meal. You can have protein 2 meals a day and a vegetarian meal for one meal a day. Be sure to watch your portion sizes. A good rule of thumb is to make your protein no larger than the palm of your hand. If you like to be specific, a serving size should be 4 to 6 ounces. 

Protein Drink: Your plan allows you to substitute meal 3 with a protein drink (see your coach) 

Fruit: You may have one fruit serving per day. So you can have it with one meal only. Gradually increase to 3 total servings for the day. 

Starch: You may have one starch serving allowed per day, at one meal only! Gradually increase to 2 or 3 total servings for the day. 

Milk: You may have 1-1 ½ cups of milk per day. Milk may be substituted with plain yogurt and other choices, which are outlined below. Lactaid is a great alternative if you have milk allergies. 

Fats:  All fats are not bad fats. You can have 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil or lite mayonnaise per day. 

Snacks (optional): If you want a snack, choose a protein, vegetable or fruit or eat 1 serving of healthy nuts. Plain, low-fat or fat-free yogurt is also allowed. But the fats, fruits and milk products are only allowed by the rules set forth in the above fruit / milk / fats category. 

For this specific two weeks (weeks 5 & 6) gradually increase your fruits to 3 pieces a day. You can balance it out with

a protein, to counteract the blood sugar effect. The goal for the next two weeks is to eat healthy carbs while continuing

to lose weight so pay attention to how they affect you. If your weight loss stalls or cravings return, cut back or try some different carbs and monitor the results.


Below you will find your Fitness Training Guide that will complement what you are eating and accelerate your results. However you do not have to torture yourself if you miss a workout. The Fitness Training Guide is recommended but not required for initial weight loss.  You May Add Group Training & MAXIMIZE Your Results!

Clean Start Level I: Strength & Tone Weight Loss Plan with Cardio & Pilates

Day 1:  Cardio 30 min. + Strength Training/Body Sculpting

Day 2:  Cardio 45 min. + Stretch / Pilates

Day 3:  Rest

Day 4:  Cardio 30 min. + Strength Training/Body Sculpting

Day 5:  Cardio 45 min. + Stretch / Pilates

Day 6:  Cardio 30 min. + Strength Training/Body Sculpting

Day 7:  Rest


Clean Start Level II: Swimsuit Ready Weight Loss Plan with Cardio & Sculpting

Day 1:  Cardio 30min + Strength Training/Body Sculpting

Day 2:  Cardio 45 min + Stretch / Pilates

Day 3:  Cardio 60 min

Day 4:  Cardio 30min + Strength Training/Body Sculpting

Day 5:  Cardio 45 min + Stretch / Pilates

Day 6:  Cardio 30 min + Strength Training / Body Sculpting

Day 7:  Rest


Clean Start III: Accelerated Weight Loss Plan with “Personal Training Sessions”